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The Upcoming Trends in Computer Technology in 2018

The upcoming trends in Computer Technology in 2018
These are the extremely intriguing innovations coming up in 2018.
Deep Learning
Not just Machine learning but also Deep learning on the brink from where revolution is definitely going to occur. Adoption has been done widely in big firms like Amazon, Google as well as Microsoft. There are various applications of DL like audio, video and imagery which are being explored and used up at a fast pace.
Digital currencies
The currency network has changed really fast due to the introduction of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and Ethereum. A few of those have already taken hold while others are beginning to. This in turn is predicted to trigger better cybersecurity.

Peer to Peer computing and the fast usage of bitcoin go hand in hand with the adoption of blockchain as neither could function without the other. Delivery of blockchain products could be a major plus for some companies in the years to come.
Industrial IoT
This technology is empowered by Deep Learning and firms using cutting edge computer tech are not backing out of using IoT. The prediction of it being widely adopted in the years to come is due to the fact that it tackles real time needs and necessities.
Although the research in the field of robotics has been happening for many years, people have not been able to adopt the magic of robotics to its full extent yet. Giving credit where its due, the market availability of robots have increased and so has that of industrial and military robots.
Assisted Transportation
There have been various hurdles in the path of fully autonomous automobiles and have effectively managed to slow it down. This being said, assisted transportation is still growing and developing at a good pace and must develop even more in the near future.

AR and VR
Nobody is unaware of how Gaming and AR/VR have taken hold of the market and user interests. This technology and its usage does not show any signs of slowing down and we will only be looking at development in this arena.
Ethics, laws and policies
We have been aware of the progress of Deep Learning, Assisted tech, robotics and AI. All this when comes into play, has to be controlled very firmly by the society. Analysis and application of ethical rules and documents have started and will grow furthermore in the coming calendar years.
3D and Accelerators
More and more development is happening in the fields of 3D accelerators every day to reduce costs that are incurring due to the emerging trends in the 3D field. This will only grow and not deter in any way.
AI and Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is no more that far-fetched goal you work toward; it has now become a necessity for daily life. However, AI is also equally essential because complete automation would not be sufficient anymore. Humans might still be the action takers and that is why the importance of ethics gets stressed.