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The Greatest Moments in the History of Computer Technology

Let’s take a walk down memory lane of all the events in the history of Computer Tech.
Alan Turing and his ingenuity
The London born genius has d left an indelible mark on the Computing stream. He wrote mathematical papers which described truths in algorithms and also concepts of how a Turing machine could be the first computer. He also decoded several German messages but the Enigma code was actually cracked by Polish scientists and not them!
The ‘Mouse’ is here!
An officer from Bristol, Ralph Benjamin lay claim on being the original creator of the mouse. Also patented secretly by the British Navy in 1946, they called it the ball tracker and was used to send coordinates to a radar system. However, Doug Engelbart and his team of Stanford researchers created the first wooden mouse in 1968.
The first microprocessor was developed in 1971 and called the 4004. Four bits could be processed at any given time and 3 years later, a processor for 8 bits called the Intel 8008 appeared. The same model kicked off the Pentium series 5 models and about 3000 times quicker clock speed.

Portable Computers
Today’s laptops and tablets cannot hold their weight against the first portable computer which was the Osborne 1. It had a 4MHz CPU, 64 kb memory and a detachable keyboard along with a 5 inch black and white screen. This was the spark in the revolution which brought forward various revolutions and ultimately led to the introduction of the first laptop.
Entry of the Macintosh to the field
The IBM personal computer, Commodore 64 and the Macintosh 128k were the first set of PCs out in the market. The Apple and Microsoft rivalry didn’t even exist till 1984 when the first Macintosh OS debuted. Steve Jobs accused Microsoft of stealing their GUI but both were inspired by the Xerox PARC labs.
Intel and Apple
Apple announced that it would use the Intel x86 processors beginning from 2005, which ended their 15-year partnership with IBM. Three years later, they transitioned to the Intel only OS called Snow Leopard. This switch to Intel chipsets paved the way for the resurgence of the Macbook.
Hyperthreading begins!
Hyperthreading was introduced and the computer tech was sent into a revolution in 2002 by Intel. The technology came back for Intel’s 6th gen Skylake processors.
ATI bought by AMD
Advanced Micro Devices or AMD came into being in 1969, creating microchips and circuits. They would go on to compete with the Computing Industry giant, Intel. ATI started their journey by making graphic processors in 1985 for computers. The two companies merged in 2006 and became a much bigger name than they were individually.

The Atari 2600 was followed by the Nintendo systems. But Sega Genesis marked the beginning of the Console wars. Sony and Microsoft then waged war as Nintendo moved to the side line. 15 years on and the war still continues.